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holiday in Argentina - a legacy of the eighties
Włodzimierz Pawlak, "Adolf hitler", 1986

"I often wonder what would have happened to me if the whole art thing didn’t work out for me. I’ve totally turned into this fat typical depressed neurotic self loathing art fag. But I can remember being hungry . I can remember the first time getting a rejection letter from a magazine getting rejected from a gallery . the anger and the fire that ,that rejection created inside me like I was fucking nothing, like I didn’t matter. I was so angry then I wanted to destroy everything that made people feel safe, I wanted to terrorize America I wanted to throw the first rock and start a revolution , anarchy and riots all the way people would listen to me, but then I sold my first expensive painting and bought a car ,and everything changed. People like Hitler and charles manson real monsters, yet human, how did they become like this? Rejection, Hitler’s paintings were rejected everywhere, and mansons songwriting skills were laughed at. With all that hate and anger I funneled into my art, what kind of monster would I have been now, if not for success?"
by D.Choe

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